Interior Design Apps That Make Your Life Easier

Picture the perfect living room. It’s decorated with your exact tastes within your exact budget. That picture can become a reality with easy-to-use interior design apps. Whether you are starting completely from scratch or just wondering what color pillows you want, these interior design apps can help make your life easier.




Can you create floor plans without drawing? Yes, you can with Magicplan. Simply take pictures of each corner of a room and the app will compute its size and shape. Next, assemble the rooms to create a full floor plan and adjust them accordingly. Finish by placing digital objects like furniture to fill your space and see how it will come to life. Magicplan offers a variety of pricing packages dependent on your needs and budget so you can fine-tune your floor plans and layouts. This app makes measuring rooms so much easier and lets you take those measurements and create so much more.





It can be hard to imagine how a certain piece of furniture is going to look in a room, but with Modsy you can create the ideal living space for you. How does it work? You can take photos and measurements of your space and Modsy will create a 3D model of your room. After you’ve done this, the Modsy designers will come up with two design plans based on your personal style, budget, and layout needs. From there you can choose to swap out furniture yourself and purchase your new furniture right from the app for $69 per room. You can also choose Modsy Plus for $199 per room where you can work one-on-one with a personal designer to bring your interior design dreams into reality.



Etsy Mobile App


You may know Etsy for its abundance of one-of-a-kind items, but did you know you can buy and sell on their mobile apps? There is one app to shop on Etsy and another to sell on Etsy. So you can shop for décor items or sell your unwanted décor items while working on your interior designs. The shopping app is super convenient because you can search for unique items to match the style of your home by simply picking up your cell phone. The selling app can then be used if you want to switch things up and sell your items that do not go with the vision you had in mind.


Home Depot Mobile App


We know that sometimes with interior design (okay, more than sometimes) you need to go to a hardware store to pick up the right light bulbs, the right paint, or the right patio furniture. The right place to go is Home Depot. Why? Because they make things easier with their terrific mobile app. You can locate products at your local home depot and the app tells you where the products are located down to the exact aisle and bay. You can also check the inventory of the products or items you are looking for to see if they are available. Make shopping lists within the app and look up product reviews before you buy to figure out the best option for you and your designs.


Overall, these design apps help make your life easier. They help you by measuring your space; envisioning what your space will look like, gathering décor items for that space, and helping you find those necessary interior design items in your area. We hope all your dreams come true, or at least your interior design ones. Now, go design!


5 Questions You Must Ask Your Home Inspector

A home inspection can help you determine if a house is the home of your dreams or if you need to reconsider your offer. As such, being present for the inspection is invaluable and is worth the time off of work. You must ask some very important questions when hiring a home inspector and during the inspection itself. Asking these questions will help you get a better understanding of if the home inspector is right for the job and more importantly if the home is right for you.

#1 What does the inspection cover and what does it not cover?


A home inspector inspects over 1,600 features in a home, but there are limits to what they will be looking over. Your inspector should have a list of features that they cover. Be sure to understand what exactly is being inspected and what is not being inspected. Ask the inspector before the inspection what they cover, so there is no confusion.

Most inspections should cover:

  • Foundation
  • Moisture Problems
  • Interior Problems
  • Kitchen and Appliances
  • Bathrooms
  • Electrical Panels
  • HVAC
  • Water Heater
#2 Who should fix this and when should it be fixed?


Even the least repair-savvy homeowner can make some simple improvements to their home. Don’t be afraid to ask who should fix an issue and when. A good home inspector should be more than happy to help you understand what needs to be fixed to make the house a home. You, the homeowner, or a local handyman can fix minor issues, while the bigger ones should be left to the professionals. Reading over the inspector’s report can sometimes be confusing. During the inspection, ask the inspector if they would fix the issue and when if the house was their own. This puts the ball in their court, and you can get a better perspective on the severity of the issues.

#3 How much will this cost?


A typical range for a home inspection should be between $300-$500. You have to keep in mind the region, size and age of the house, and scope of services when comparing home inspection prices. Your inspector should never offer to fix a flaw in your home or even refer a service because this is considered a conflict of interest. The American Society of Home Inspectors does not let its members solicit repair work based on inspections they performed themselves.

#4 How long will the inspection take?


The length of the inspection depends on the size and condition of the house. Inspections take place when the seller is not home, which is usually during the day when they are at work. The average inspection time for a single-family house is between two to three hours.

#5 Can you show me how to operate this?


It is highly recommended that you attend your home inspection. It is a great educational experience and can give you perspective on the condition of the home. If a home inspector says you are not allowed to attend the inspection, this is a red flag and you should not continue their services! Home inspectors are there to help you. Asking them how to operate functions of the house gives you less of a headache in the future when you, for example, can’t figure out how to work the thermostat. When walking through the home with your inspector, ask how to operate your water heater, stove, and especially where the emergency shut-offs for your gas, water, and electrical utilities are.

In summary, don’t be afraid to ask questions when it comes to a home inspection. Remember to ask what is being covered in the inspection, the severity of issues in the house, how much the inspection will cost and how long it will take, and how to operate different functions of the home. The answers to these questions will help you gauge if the home is for you. Whether you are looking for a fixer upper or a fully removed home we hope you find the perfect fit for you from inspection to close.

Contact us today if you are looking to buy a home or if you have any questions about inspections!

How to Entertain Your Houseguests This Summer

How to Entertain Your Houseguests This Summer Infographic

Stop right now and download the How to Entertain Your Houseguests This Summer infographic!

Summer is a time of togetherness. You have friends coming over after work and relatives staying over the weekend. It’s time to relax, but if you’re looking for a few new ways to make the most of the season, read our ideas for entertaining your houseguests during one of the greatest times of the year.

1. Barbecue

There is just something about grilling and barbecuing in the summer. Maybe it’s the people. Maybe it’s the food. Maybe it’s the weather or a combination of all three that make grilling out a time-honored summer tradition. So if you have a grill, get it out on the lawn and start preparing delicious food for your guests. If your guests are coming over from the neighborhood, have a potluck! You provide the main dish and your neighbors can bring the mac and cheese, baked beans, watermelon, and cornbread.

2. Game Night

Whether your guests are staying for the weekend or coming from around the corner, a game night is a great way to entertain. Playing board games or video games brings out peoples’ competitive sides. You may find out that Jenny is such a sore loser or that Andrew likes to fist pump every time he wins a game. You could also include darts, pool, or Ping-Pong to add pizzazz to your game night.

3. Craft Day

This one is for the ladies…but the gentlemen are welcome to join you, of course. There are a million different project ideas swirling around you say you want to try, but never do. Get your group together and create awesome crafts! You could paint canvases to use as décor, use nail polish to create a marble effect on coffee mugs, or take some old vintage maps and use them to create new coasters.

4. Themed Party

You don’t have to make this a huge shindig. You can simply have a fun cocktail of the night or specific food prepared, like your famous chili, to add a little spice for your guests. If you want to go all out, try hosting a murder mystery party. This can be a unique experience for your friends. Guessing whodunit can be engaging and exciting and can make lasting memories.

5. Swimsuit Saturday

Who doesn’t want to chill by the pool? If you have a pool, have your friends come over and relax poolside with you. You can have a light lunch planned for when your guests get hungry, like a summer strawberry salad, finger sandwiches, and pasta salad. Don’t forget to have your summer cocktails ready and waiting as well. You’ll all enjoy having fun together in the sun.

We hope you take our ideas and run with them. If one of our ideas sparked an idea in you of how to entertain your houseguests this summer, let us know! Comment on this blog or send us a message on our Facebook page. We would love to know what your go-to summer entertaining ideas are or if you tried one of our ideas and it went swimmingly!