5 Signs it’s Time to Move

Do you think it’s time to move to new home? You may have a gut feeling that you are ready for a change. That change may be to pack up your belongings and move to a new home. Although, moving is no easy feat. You have to be ready to take on the challenge, and we’re here to help you decide if that is the right decision.

1. Your house has become too small or too big


You see a beautiful rocking chair at a flea market and know that you have to have it. But where will it go? You suddenly picture your house and see there is no place for this amazing antique rocking chair that is just so ‘you.’ If you look around and notice things are getting crammed in corners, it is time to move to a bigger home with more space.

But what if you have the opposite problem? You have more space than you need. You may be an empty nester and no longer have kids living at home or you no longer have guests spend the weekends at your place. It’s time to move if you have too much space and you’re ready for a smaller, more manageable home.


2. You’re ready to step it up


When you bought your first home you had a job fresh out of college and you were looking for something within your budget. It’s been a few years and your salary has increased significantly. You’re ready to upgrade to a nicer home you can see a brighter future in. Go ahead, and step it up. Buy a house that matches your current budget and say goodbye to your cozy starter home.


3. Your commute is too long


If you feel that you are spending more time commuting to your work and less time with family and friends, then you may consider moving closer to work. If your job is secure and you plan on being with your company for the foreseeable future, then pack up and move closer to work. Commuting can be exhausting and living closer to work means that you will be spending less money on travel expenses.



4. Your kids need a better education


You want the best for your children. If your school system does not meet your child’s needs, you may want to move into a city that does. Do some research. Moving.com has school ratings that pull various report information from a database of nearly 90,000 public and private schools. Ask locals in the area what they think of the school system and of course form an opinion yourself by looking at the school’s website, curriculum, extracurricular activities and online reviews.


5. You’re concerned for your safety


If you feel unsafe walking to your car in the morning, you may want to make a change. One of the top reasons for moving is feeling unsafe in your neighborhood according to moving.com. Remove yourself from a dangerous area by relocating. Loud and disruptive noises, increased criminal activity and environmental hazards are reasons to move out of your current home.


Whatever your reason for wanting to move, we are here to help you, whether it be by selling your current home or helping you find a new home that suits your needs. Contact us today by calling 216-378-9618 and let us know what you think of this blog on our social media channels!

Our Favorite Luxury Bathrooms

Wouldn’t it be nice to come home and enjoy a relaxing bubble bath in an ornate and elegant bathroom? Some people may switch out the words ‘ornate’ and ‘elegant’ with other adjectives, but there is one thing we all have in common. We all use the bathrooms in our homes to get ready for our day job, going out to dinner, or a special event. Whether you like the sound of a luxurious lavatory or you enjoy something more quirky and modern, you have to check out these beautiful luxury bathrooms!

Feel as though you’re outside taking a dip in the ocean when you’re really inside showering in a modern, sophisticated bathroom.

Be bathed in the sunshine through these floor-to-ceiling glass windows that allow an abundance of natural light.

This bathroom takes black and white to another level. The marble shower and striking floor make for an amazing geometric masterpiece.

The pop of different shades of blue and green soothe and relax. The interesting tiles and modern chandelier make this bathroom stunning.

This bathroom oozes glamour. Sophisticated marble and ornate floral wallpaper make you feel as though you are in a beautiful castle.

Chicness by way of cobalt blue. The brightness of the color is cheerful and the touches of gold add a sparkle to this gorgeous shower.

Gold-leaf glass tiles send you back to the glitz of the past in this absolutely stunning luxury bathroom!

This bathroom gives off The Great Gatsby vibes. Fun party and drama in the tiles and jewelry-inspired chandelier.

This bathroom adds a modern pop of navy in a historic setting. The clean lines and wood accents make the bathroom feel fresh.

Sometimes less is more. This contemporary bathroom is simple, but not boring.

That bathtub though. The silver fixtures are complemented by lilac accents to give off a beautiful and luxurious feel.

This bathroom is light and airy. The transparent shower and double vanity paired with the grey and white color palette makes this contemporary bathroom absolutely stunning.

Stone accents nod to an older style of design while the modern bathtub grounds you in the now. The bathroom radiates warmth.

Wow, this bathroom offers a luxury escape. Endless storage in this picture-perfect relaxation space guides you toward the amazing view and spacious glass sliding doors.

Talk about an open, spacious bathroom! A glass divider separates the shower from the rest of the space. The tiles and gold claw-footed tub are pleasing to the eye in this ultra-luxury bathroom.

As you can see, there are different styles of luxury bathrooms. Some are modern and sophisticated and some are dramatic and full of glitz and glamour. Whatever your bathroom style is we hope that these luxury bathrooms interested and inspired you. Take the ideas and let them motivate you to design your personal bathroom with a luxurious touch. Let us know which bathroom is your favorite on our social media channels!