Clare Wellott

Client Care Coordinator

Listing to Closing Expert


Clare facilitates the contract to close process when buying a home. Once a client receives an accepted offer, she ensures the assembly, quality, and distribution of contract documents so the property closes smoothly. She possesses a work ethic and ability to motivate others around her to excel and provide exceptional client service.

A New York native, Clare came to Cleveland to attend John Carroll and fell in love with the city. Clare enjoys being outside and getting a lot of sun while running in her free time.

What do you love?

My nephews! Sunflowers. Working out and learning something new.


What do you do every morning before you get to the office?

Meditate and drink coffee!


What do you do in your free time?

Run or get a workout in of some sort. Read. Instagram.


Best part about working with The Young Team?

The team comradery, flexibility and having a second family!


Favorite local organization?

Cle Clothing Co (and other small businesses)