Jeff Young

Founder, Broker, Buyer Specialist, Notary

The Senior Shephard


With over 30 years in real estate, Jeff focuses on producing one thing: Results. His results-driven concentration uses effective communication and negotiating skills, ensuring the best possible outcome for clients.

Jeff is also a lifelong Clevelander, growing up on the East Side. Before he teamed with Terry, he worked in commercial real estate development. He now uses his years of industry experience to coach with Corcoran Consulting and sits on the board of our Keller Williams Greater Cleveland office.


What do you love?
I love my Family and I love the Freedom we have in America

What do you do every morning before you get to the office?

I swim 1,000 meters (2/3 of a mile), make coffee and do a crossword puzzle.

What do you do in your free time?
I golf, play my guitar, cook and drink wine, read novels, biographies and historical non-fiction and solve puzzles (crossword, numerical, etc.) and travel.

Best part about working with The Young Team?

Our Culture; how much everyone is committed to our culture and the team

Who/what inspires you?

Bob Corcoran – he helped me change the way I look at life and the way I live my life. Everything I have accomplished in the last 14 years I can directly attribute to Bob.