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While popular opinion dictates that spring and summer are the hottest markets for real estate, a savvy buyer might think again and wait until the off season to score the best deals.

Despite the obvious downsides to a winter house hunt, including lower inventory, weather related hassles, and the extra time it takes to unlace your boots at every open house, other factors make winter a prime buyer’s market.

1. Less Competition
Zillow research suggests that late spring is the best time for home sellers to list to get top dollar for their home, which means that winter could be the best time for buyers looking for a good deal. During spring and summer months, homebuyers often get outbid by more aggressive offers, especially in a seller’s market.

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If you’re planning to buy a home in 2018, you might spend your days dreaming about décor and drafting your next DIY endeavor without actually advancing toward your home owning goal. So, before the start of the new year, take a moment to consider a few resolutions that will proactively help get you into a home.

 1. Manage your credit score and improve your debt-to-income ratio

Unless you are planning to pay cash for your next home, your first step to home ownership is rooted in your credit score. If you don’t already know your score, you can check it through one of the three credit reporting bureaus, Experian, Transunion, and Equifax. Find more information about your credit score, and how to improve it over time.

While you’re preparing to buy

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With the end of the year fast approaching, you might be tempted to put off routine home maintenance in favor of holiday decor or your resolutions for the new year. Before you start inflating the reindeer, you'll want to ensure that your home is prepared to weather the winter months by completing a few simple maintenance checks that will save you time and money in the long run. Once you cross these tasks off your to-do list, your home will be cozy and safe—allowing you to say that there’s truly no place like home for the holidays. 

Cover Exterior Gaps

Examine the foundation and lower exterior of your home for any gaps, especially around windows. Apply caulk to seal gaps around window frames, and install heavy-duty screens or hardware cloth over

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Castle Noel @ 260 S. Court Street, Medina

Pay a Christmas visit to Castle Noel in Medina, a holiday museum where it's always Dec. 25. With over 40,000 square feet, there are guided tours available for this year-round museum.

Now – Dec. 30: Kringle’s Inventionasium @ Mr. Kringle & Company
Take the family to assist Mr. Kringle® in the evaluation and creation of toys. Discover the departments of the Inventionasium®, Kringle’s® top secret toy lab. Invent with Kringle’s® elite team, explore various testing rooms and engage in hands-on activities.

Now – Dec 16: Polar Express @ Cuyahoga Valley National Railroad
A regional holiday favorite, your chance to get a golden ticket for the Polar Express is may be up, but take steps to help get a chance to

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For many homeowners, the family pet is just as much a source of joy as an artfully arranged mantle or an immaculately landscaped lawn. With all pets, great and small, come responsibilities, some of them messy, and if unattended, these small messes can detract from your home value over time. Whether you have a house cat or a basset hound, cleaning up after your pet is integral for keeping an inviting living space, but there are also some easy ways you can make the ongoing cleanup a little easier. Here are a few easy decorating ideas, plus a few DIY projects that your pet will love, too! 

Choose durable flooring 

If you’re preparing a major renovation and can select the flooring material of your home, choose hard surface floors. Ceramic tile is

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Before buying a home, several sources will probably recommend scheduling an inspection. More often than not, new homebuyers are now calling in additional experts to conduct more thorough inspections of particular systems – such as electrical, HVAC or plumbing. These additional inspections; however, can quickly add up.

So, what can you be looking for on your own or be prepared to ask about the plumbing system when you walk through? Be sure to inspect these three plumbing features.

#1 Main Sewer Line

Problems with the main sewer line are one of the most costly plumbing problems. There are many factors that can cause a main sewer line to deteriorate including the material it’s made of, tree roots cracking their way in and ground shifts. 

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Whether you’re searching for your first starter home or downsizing to more manageable condo, you’ll want the best credit score possible if you’re planning to take out a mortgage on your new home. Most lenders use some form of credit score to evaluate the level of risk associated with granting you a home loan, and a better credit score will result in a lower interest rate, meaning you’ll save more money in the long term.

The main factors that affect your credit score are your payment history, the amount you owe, length of your credit history, the types of credit used, and new credit inquiries. All of this information is included in your credit report. 

While there are different types of credit scores, the most commonly used model, the FICO score,

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Advice for First Time and Seasoned Home Buyers Alike

It’s no secret that you want to know as much as possible about the condition of a house before committing to buying. Yet, most home buyers overlook the condition of a system that plays a significant role in the value of every house. 

This is most likely because that system – the septic system – is buried in the backyard.

Home Inspections Don’t Cover It All

Many buyers think they’re covered when they schedule a home inspection. However, most home inspections only observe interior plumbing, ensuring there are no damaged pipes or leaks and that sinks, toilets, showers and tubs are draining properly.

In reality, while the interior plumbing may appear to be functioning properly, something

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Mid-Year Cleveland Housing Market Report

Hey, it’s Ryan Young with The Young Team giving you a quick update on how the local real estate market is doing so far in 2017. We've put together a report by compiling statistics and interpretations from the market, so please check out the video and infographic below.

It’s been a phenomenal year in real estate- it’s one of the busiest and healthiest seller's markets I’ve seen in Cleveland! If you have any other questions about our regional real estate market or your specific local market, just give me a call or send me an email. I would be happy to answer any questions! 

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10 Mid-Century Modern Homes in Cleveland You Can Buy Right Now

If you keep up with architecture related news in the Great Lakes region, you might have heard that Ohio-born architect Robert Metcalf’s longtime home hit the market in Ann Arbor, Michigan this month for $749,900. The three bedroom, two bath split-level not only features the open floor plan, large windows, and flat lines typical of mid-century modern homes, but also exemplifies Metcalf’s insistence on incorporating the highest quality materials and functional designs.

However, you don’t have to leave Cleveland to find a perfect mid-century modern home; Metcalf and other prominent architects designed similar homes throughout the Midwest and other states in the 1950s and ‘60s. Before

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