How to Create the Perfect Gallery Wall

Have you ever walked into a friend’s home to see a compelling mix of photos and paintings all framed and perfectly arranged? You may wonder, “How did they do that!?” The answer is simple. They created a gallery wall, and with these simple steps, you can too!


#1 Choose your theme


How do you want viewers to feel when they look at your gallery wall? Choose a theme and stick to it. Possible themes include family life, places you’ve traveled, or even word art using some of your favorite sayings.


#2 Select the aesthetic


Choose a focal point for the gallery wall. The focal point should bring your viewers in and exude the theme of your gallery wall. Keep in mind your color palette and the color of your wall. If the colors clash, your gallery will look haphazard.


#3 Lay it out


An important factor of your layout is framing all of your pieces and laying them out on your floor first before you even pick up a hammer. Get out some newspaper or construction paper and cut out squares the same size as each of your framed pieces. Tape these to your wall and arrange them until you’ve created the perfect layout for your gallery wall. If you’re having trouble designing your layout, check out this website for ideas.


#4 Hang it up


You can use nails for your lighter pieces, but for the larger, heavier pieces, try using picture hangers. You can find this Kidsafe Picture Hanger Assortment at your local Home Depot.


#5 Admire your work


The last step of creating the perfect gallery wall for you is to admire it! Step back and enjoy this creative, fun and unique project that is now complete. You’ll be proud that you took the time to take on the project and you are sure to get compliments on your hard work!


We hope you enjoyed learning how to make a fun and aesthetically pleasing home décor gallery wall. Let us know if you’d like to see more home décor how-to blogs in the future! Leave a comment on our Facebook and Instagram posts promoting the blog and let us know what you think!

Our Favorite Luxury Bathrooms

Wouldn’t it be nice to come home and enjoy a relaxing bubble bath in an ornate and elegant bathroom? Some people may switch out the words ‘ornate’ and ‘elegant’ with other adjectives, but there is one thing we all have in common. We all use the bathrooms in our homes to get ready for our day job, going out to dinner, or a special event. Whether you like the sound of a luxurious lavatory or you enjoy something more quirky and modern, you have to check out these beautiful luxury bathrooms!

Feel as though you’re outside taking a dip in the ocean when you’re really inside showering in a modern, sophisticated bathroom.

Be bathed in the sunshine through these floor-to-ceiling glass windows that allow an abundance of natural light.

This bathroom takes black and white to another level. The marble shower and striking floor make for an amazing geometric masterpiece.

The pop of different shades of blue and green soothe and relax. The interesting tiles and modern chandelier make this bathroom stunning.

This bathroom oozes glamour. Sophisticated marble and ornate floral wallpaper make you feel as though you are in a beautiful castle.

Chicness by way of cobalt blue. The brightness of the color is cheerful and the touches of gold add a sparkle to this gorgeous shower.

Gold-leaf glass tiles send you back to the glitz of the past in this absolutely stunning luxury bathroom!

This bathroom gives off The Great Gatsby vibes. Fun party and drama in the tiles and jewelry-inspired chandelier.

This bathroom adds a modern pop of navy in a historic setting. The clean lines and wood accents make the bathroom feel fresh.

Sometimes less is more. This contemporary bathroom is simple, but not boring.

That bathtub though. The silver fixtures are complemented by lilac accents to give off a beautiful and luxurious feel.

This bathroom is light and airy. The transparent shower and double vanity paired with the grey and white color palette makes this contemporary bathroom absolutely stunning.

Stone accents nod to an older style of design while the modern bathtub grounds you in the now. The bathroom radiates warmth.

Wow, this bathroom offers a luxury escape. Endless storage in this picture-perfect relaxation space guides you toward the amazing view and spacious glass sliding doors.

Talk about an open, spacious bathroom! A glass divider separates the shower from the rest of the space. The tiles and gold claw-footed tub are pleasing to the eye in this ultra-luxury bathroom.

As you can see, there are different styles of luxury bathrooms. Some are modern and sophisticated and some are dramatic and full of glitz and glamour. Whatever your bathroom style is we hope that these luxury bathrooms interested and inspired you. Take the ideas and let them motivate you to design your personal bathroom with a luxurious touch. Let us know which bathroom is your favorite on our social media channels!

The Top 5 Celebrity Homes You Must See

Elton John's 1960s Ranch

Do you ever wonder what it’s like living in a celebrity’s world? We can’t tell you what it’s like to be them, but we can tell you where they live. We’ve rounded up the top 5 celebrity homes you must see. Take a peek inside these breathtaking homes!

  1. Brooke Shields

“… I promised myself I would give my girls the kind of richly textured urban childhood that comes with sinking roots into a real New York neighborhood. I wanted to create for them, and us, an experience of home with a layered and resonant personal history,” said Brooke Shields of her New York City home. This now stunning home began as a brick townhouse originally built in 1910 that needed a complete gut. The home was reconfigured by design/build firm MADE. The firm is no newcomer when it comes to reviving historic buildings. “We loved the way they integrated tradition with modernism and warmth of character in an interior with discipline of form,” said Shields of the design firm. The end result of the home is a spectacular setting you won’t want to miss.

  1. Elton John

A 1960s ranch with indoor-outdoor living was the ideal home for Sir Elton John and his partner, film producer David Furnish. “I remember walking to the front door and saying, ‘It’s perfect,’” said Furnish of their Los Angeles home. The couple brought in longtime friend Martyn Lawrence Bullard to decorate the space, keeping in mind that John and Furnish wanted the space to be kid-friendly for their family. White lacquer for the walls, leather and outdoor fabrics, neon paintings, and glass artwork on display. The home is both spectacular and practical for their daily life.

  1. John Legend

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen wanted their New York City apartment to be a place of solitude. They wanted a home that was cozy, but also a home that had a flare. They chose Don Stewart of the Los Angeles-based design firm Desiderata Design to design the space and architect Winka Dubbeldam of the New York architecture firm Archi-Techtonics to make changes to the apartment’s layout. Stewart says of the couple’s vision, “John and Chrissy wanted to preserve some of the old-school industrial look, but they didn’t want to feel like they were living in a period piece.” A bedroom wall of reclaimed pine, metallic and brass touches and Anna Karlin barstools were perfect accents to this interesting home. “We tend to look for the opposite of what most people want,” said Legend of the home. See that mood mirrored in their home pictures…

  1. Anderson Cooper

“Most people want homes on the beach, but you can find beautiful beaches all over the world. The Quadrado is what makes this so singularly compelling. I had to be there,” said Anderson Cooper of his first visit to Trancoso, Brazil. Designer and local real estate professional Wilbert Das, the co-owner of Uxua helped Cooper and his partner, Benjamin Maisani, dreams’ come true. Their home is a set of four pavilions a colonial cottage, two bungalows, and a two-story tree house. The décor is raw, original, vintage, and knotted with the authentic traditions of Trancoso. “We weren’t obliged to build in a purely historical style, but we felt it was important to create something attuned to the local culture,” said Das of their picturesque home.

  1. Oprah

You get a new home, and you get a new home! While Oprah owns and has owned many stunning properties, one of her newest investments is truly spectacular. The 7,000 square-foot main house includes exposed-beam ceilings, a quintessential staircase and bookshelves throughout. This luxury estate is located on Orcas Island, one of the largest of the San Juan Islands. The property was built in 2007, and a Windermere Real Estate spokesperson explained, “Oprah purchased the home as an investment property, but does not currently have intentions of living there.” The home has a very warm, charming cabin-feel that appeals to both vacationers and those looking for a permanent home.

Historic brick, glass artwork, brass accents, antique furniture, and staircases are all features you can find in celebrities’ homes. Are the homes what you expected? We loved learning about different celebrities’ design preferences and what process they took to build or purchase their homes. All of their properties are both desirable and inspirational! Will you incorporate any of their features in your home? How were you inspired? Let us know by leaving a comment!

Interior Design Apps That Make Your Life Easier

Picture the perfect living room. It’s decorated with your exact tastes within your exact budget. That picture can become a reality with easy-to-use interior design apps. Whether you are starting completely from scratch or just wondering what color pillows you want, these interior design apps can help make your life easier.




Can you create floor plans without drawing? Yes, you can with Magicplan. Simply take pictures of each corner of a room and the app will compute its size and shape. Next, assemble the rooms to create a full floor plan and adjust them accordingly. Finish by placing digital objects like furniture to fill your space and see how it will come to life. Magicplan offers a variety of pricing packages dependent on your needs and budget so you can fine-tune your floor plans and layouts. This app makes measuring rooms so much easier and lets you take those measurements and create so much more.





It can be hard to imagine how a certain piece of furniture is going to look in a room, but with Modsy you can create the ideal living space for you. How does it work? You can take photos and measurements of your space and Modsy will create a 3D model of your room. After you’ve done this, the Modsy designers will come up with two design plans based on your personal style, budget, and layout needs. From there you can choose to swap out furniture yourself and purchase your new furniture right from the app for $69 per room. You can also choose Modsy Plus for $199 per room where you can work one-on-one with a personal designer to bring your interior design dreams into reality.



Etsy Mobile App


You may know Etsy for its abundance of one-of-a-kind items, but did you know you can buy and sell on their mobile apps? There is one app to shop on Etsy and another to sell on Etsy. So you can shop for décor items or sell your unwanted décor items while working on your interior designs. The shopping app is super convenient because you can search for unique items to match the style of your home by simply picking up your cell phone. The selling app can then be used if you want to switch things up and sell your items that do not go with the vision you had in mind.


Home Depot Mobile App


We know that sometimes with interior design (okay, more than sometimes) you need to go to a hardware store to pick up the right light bulbs, the right paint, or the right patio furniture. The right place to go is Home Depot. Why? Because they make things easier with their terrific mobile app. You can locate products at your local home depot and the app tells you where the products are located down to the exact aisle and bay. You can also check the inventory of the products or items you are looking for to see if they are available. Make shopping lists within the app and look up product reviews before you buy to figure out the best option for you and your designs.


Overall, these design apps help make your life easier. They help you by measuring your space; envisioning what your space will look like, gathering décor items for that space, and helping you find those necessary interior design items in your area. We hope all your dreams come true, or at least your interior design ones. Now, go design!


4 Home Décor Tips for National Decorating Month

If you didn’t already know, April is National Decorating Month! A house isn’t a home without an atmosphere that suits your personality and taste. A great way to create that atmosphere is through home décor, which lets you express yourself and helps you to create a warm feeling in a space you call your own. Once you are done with your spring-cleaning, try out our decorating tips – one for each week!

1. Add Some Spring Essentials

Spring is the perfect time to liven up your home. Add some spring essentials you can easily pick up at your local home décor store or online. No need to make any major decorative changes to make your home feel festive and inviting. Try a lavender wreath on your front door to make a visitor’s entrance enchanting or simply add a floral throw pillow on your couch for a pop of color.



2. Try Something Different

Some people play it safe when it comes to decorating their home. Try something different you wouldn’t normally do to freshen up your décor. You don’t have to make major renovations to change things up. Switch to a patterned headboard for the spring and summer months. Changing the centerpiece of your room to something fun and different may make all the difference. The cheerful pattern will help boost your mood and help get you into the playful warm-weather spirit.

Elle Decor


3. Remain Classic with Black and White

We don’t have to tell you that black and white is a classic combination, but there are endless options when it comes to revamping the black and white look. Enhance a room with a third pop of color to add dimension. Another fun way to express the black and white theme is by adding one or two black and white patterns across the space. You could add a striped black and white pillow to your bed to contrast black and white checkered curtains or some fun black and white patterned pillows such as those shown in the images below.

Elle Decor


Elle Decor


4. Old is New Again

Try your hand at reupholstering an antique store purchase. Take your new (to you) piece of furniture and add modern fabric to it. It will make the piece seem to come alive, while still having that vintage flair.

Elle Decor


All in all, it’s time to use these tips to liven up your home for spring, while catering to your taste and budget. You could simply add a floral pillow to liven up your living room or go on the hunt for antique furniture to revive. Whatever you choose to do to decorate your home we hope these tips are helpful in generating ideas to make your house a home, whether that be one you are selling or purchasing. Take advantage of National Decorating Month this April and go decorate!


Pet Friendly Decorating Tips For Your Home

For many homeowners, the family pet is just as much a source of joy as an artfully arranged mantle or an immaculately landscaped lawn. With all pets, great and small, come responsibilities, some of them messy, and if unattended, these small messes can detract from your home value over time. Whether you have a house cat or a basset hound, cleaning up after your pet is integral for keeping an inviting living space, but there are also some easy ways you can make the ongoing cleanup a little easier. Here are a few easy decorating ideas, plus a few DIY projects that your pet will love, too!



If you’re preparing a major renovation and can select the flooring material of your home, choose hard surface floors. Ceramic tile is ideal for pet owners, since it’s not easily scratched by claws and can be easily cleaned after little incidents. If you can’t live without the look of hardwood, choose harder woods like oak or mahogany. In addition, cover high traffic areas, like entryways and halls, with rugs, to further extend the life of your floors. If you love the feel of carpet, consider modular carpet tiles, which allow you to replace one damaged square at a fraction of the cost of replacing an entire carpet.



When choosing furnishing, avoid easily damageable fabrics like velvet, tweed, and silk in favor of denim, crypton, or a microfiber like ultrasuede. These textiles are both easier to clean and more durable. Additionally, consider matching upholstery tones to fur color, so your pets shedding might be less noticeable.



It’s safe to say that every dog owner understands the post walk struggle of cleaning their pup’s paws after a walk on a rainy day. Why not design a pup clean-up station in the entryway to stop those muddy paw prints in their tracks? You can customize a corner cabinet with other dog walk supplies and keep it stocked with clean towels and a small bucket. Or, if you have the space, consider installing a shower just for your pet(s). See a full guide here.



If your feline friend craves some fresh air, but you don’t feel comfortable setting her lose in the great outdoors, consider creating a catio—a patio space for your cat! If you already have a patio space, you can build a small enclosure with wire fencing to contain your cat, or, if your outdoor space is limited, you can install a “cat terrace” off of any window to allow your indoor cat a taste of the great outdoors, without the risk of injury or illness. View design options at www.catterrace.com.



As the (semi)official guardian of the house, the family pup usually likes to be in a central place where he can survey his domain, but most dogs are also more comfortable when they have a designated space. If you don’t like the look of a wire crate or a dog bed in the middle of your living room, consider installing a dedicated dog space in an otherwise underutilized area, such as the nook under the stairwell or the space under the center island in the kitchen.




Home Decor Trends And Styles

If you have a bathroom renovation on the horizon, or if you’re looking for an idea to spice up your décor, staying with what the current home design styles will give your house an edge. Whether you’re putting your house on the market or simply delighting guests, don’t miss these hot in the home trends.

Pinterest examined the pinning habits of more than 100 million users to create a highly anticipated list of the housing trends that have dominated so far in 2016. So here is what those 100 million people said:


Playing with the idea of modularity, ceramic companies are designing fragmented patterns on square and rectangular tiles to produce large compositions. By mixing and matching geometric shapes, the tiles pop with vivid, kaleidoscopic effect. The aesthetic is similar to the honeycomb tile, but with a more modern flair.


Everyone deserves to have a little Nordic style in their homes, and here are some of the styles with this theme that we’ve been seeing in some houses.

Copper Globe Lights: Who couldn’t love the globular copper lights common in Scandinavia?
They’re the perfect way to showcase this year’s hottest metal.









Folding-Style Wooden Chairs: They’re rustic without looking over-worn and look great with a sheepskin blanket tossed over their back.


Graphic Calendars: So what’s the benefit of these supersized calendars? You’ll always know the date.
Who needs little itty-bitty calendars when you can just have one massive one that adds character and something different to your space?

Gray Walls: It’s super exciting to see gray walls making a comeback! They provide the same neutral, monochromatic appeal, but dial it back a few notches.


Black and White Stripes: Chevron after chevron, it’s finally time that the black and white stripes come on back. It’s simply, elegant, yet fun to your space.



With these fun, bright colored, and occasionally odd designed pillows, it’s a great way to characterize your space.



A major trend in boy DIY and Home Décor is woven wall hangings. They add a unique mix of color and pattern to a room without being overwhelming. Since they are handmade, they make great gifts too!



Look at these simple space saving ideas to make your home more efficient and much more unique. For example, a cutting board in a drawer you pull out, and there is a cut out hole right next to it leading to a garbage can below. No more messy clean ups, just cut, and swipe off the board directly into a garbage can.



Bold textiles, artwork, and home accessories inspired by the nomadic tribes of Africa. They give a beautiful elegance to the room.


This wallpaper adds a touch of warmth and richness to a space. Whether it’s to create a look that’s funky and futuristic, contemporary and up-to-date, or to add a modern twist to something with a more vintage, old-fashioned flavor, metallic effects can really enhance a wallpaper design.

4 Home Design Trends For 2017

It is that time of year, again, to bring in new trends for our home interiors. Embrace the old, organic, and original for this year’s top home design trends. In 2017, we’re seeing the mixing of materials, textures, and sophisticated colors to give spaces an added and unique edge. This mean combining warm wood with ceramic tiles or copper mirror frames accented by simple, neutral color palettes. See below for our list of what we think will be the biggest design ideas of 2017:


You may have heard “never mix metals,” but 2017 is calling for “mixing metals, but mix them wisely.” Copper, gold, silver, brass, bronze, and the list goes on for you to use different metals in your home design. In fact, mixing metals can add depth and interest to your décor.

Copper is continuing to trend well-into 2017. The warm metallic tone adds just the right amount of sparkle to your home and looks great with just about any textile, fabric and decorative style. Various shades gold can exude luxury, for example warm gold accents on the mirror and pillows add a luxe touch.

We recommend choosing a dominant metal, mixing textures, and using natural iron as a neutral black. In this picture, black and white backdrop sets the stage for an eclectic mix of metallic accessories.



White and light gray marble will continue to make its way into 2017 as one of the biggest design trends. Like all natural stone products, the classic elegance of marble adds beauty and luxury to home design. Marble’s distinctive veining and colors have been associated with formal settings, but this stone is also making its way into more casual décor.

Marble will be a popular choice for countertops, flooring, and tabletops, as well as for household items like end-tables or serving platters. We love this marble table for equal parts sleek and glamorous. What we’re most impressed with are the entire walls that consist of only marble. You don’t need to decorate much more if you have an entire wall dedicated to white marble.



The outdoors is making its way in, and the organic materials trend is no exception. The use of organic elements like stone and wooden textures will add peace and tranquility to your space as it keeps your style grounded in nature. If you want the look of wood with the easy care of tile, consider wood look porcelain tiles as an alternative to wood flooring.  Wood look porcelain tiles can even be used as decking material if properly installed.

Truly organic interiors meet the needs of the style-savvy eco-conscious. Some of our favorites organic materials are natural wall coverings, hemp and recycled glass-bead chandeliers, or any type of reclaimed wood, sisal and sea grass floor coverings. There is no need to sacrifice personal style to include organic materials in a room. Beautiful materials such as reclaimed wood and recycled stone are organic.


Sophisticated hues are poised to take center stage with purples and blues paving the way for color aesthetics this year.


Though black has long been a decorating darling, designers are now enlisting navy blue for their go-to dramatic hue. Blue goes with everything and it gives a softer feel than black. Just like the color of those favorite faded jeans. White is hot especially in matte finishes in everything from cars to ceramics. When paired with pops of white, red, or yellow, it has a peaceful nautical vibe.


Thee trend toward violet, wine and amethyst is edging out soft lavenders or true purples. A midtone greyed-off violet works well in any room, from kids’ rooms to living areas. This color is ultra-versatile, pairing well with natural elements such as wood, glass and greenery.


  •       Maps as murals and on other home decor items
  •       Bright and deep green
  •       Big clocks
  •       Boho and bohemian accents
  •       Blush pink
  •       Cork
  •       Dark furniture with pure white walls
  •       Rustic accents