How to Create the Perfect Gallery Wall

Have you ever walked into a friend’s home to see a compelling mix of photos and paintings all framed and perfectly arranged? You may wonder, “How did they do that!?” The answer is simple. They created a gallery wall, and with these simple steps, you can too!


#1 Choose your theme


How do you want viewers to feel when they look at your gallery wall? Choose a theme and stick to it. Possible themes include family life, places you’ve traveled, or even word art using some of your favorite sayings.


#2 Select the aesthetic


Choose a focal point for the gallery wall. The focal point should bring your viewers in and exude the theme of your gallery wall. Keep in mind your color palette and the color of your wall. If the colors clash, your gallery will look haphazard.


#3 Lay it out


An important factor of your layout is framing all of your pieces and laying them out on your floor first before you even pick up a hammer. Get out some newspaper or construction paper and cut out squares the same size as each of your framed pieces. Tape these to your wall and arrange them until you’ve created the perfect layout for your gallery wall. If you’re having trouble designing your layout, check out this website for ideas.


#4 Hang it up


You can use nails for your lighter pieces, but for the larger, heavier pieces, try using picture hangers. You can find this Kidsafe Picture Hanger Assortment at your local Home Depot.


#5 Admire your work


The last step of creating the perfect gallery wall for you is to admire it! Step back and enjoy this creative, fun and unique project that is now complete. You’ll be proud that you took the time to take on the project and you are sure to get compliments on your hard work!


We hope you enjoyed learning how to make a fun and aesthetically pleasing home décor gallery wall. Let us know if you’d like to see more home décor how-to blogs in the future! Leave a comment on our Facebook and Instagram posts promoting the blog and let us know what you think!